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McNinch Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in divorce and family law litigation and mediation, and other litigation matters, across the state of Mississippi.

Divorce Attorneys in MSMcNinch Law Firm, PLLC guides clients through family law and related disputes in Mississippi state and federal courts. Located in Brandon, McNinch Law Firm is positioned to efficiently serve clients across the state of Mississippi, particularly in Rankin, Hinds, and Madison Counties and the cities of Brandon, Madison, and Jackson. We are proud to represent people from all economic groups and personal backgrounds.

Because we know a family law case can feel like the biggest, most painful challenge in a person’s life, we try to listen more than we talk, make a plan, and take action to get things moving. Our attorneys work on cases as a team, using personal and legal experience to give practical advice on how to make it through some of life’s toughest times.

We don’t treat clients like children. We don’t sugar-coat the truth. We level with clients, and we are respectful even when they have made mistakes. We admit we are human and we don’t know everything. We don’t cheat in our practice because we don’t have to.

The McNinch Law Firm team is committed to faith and family, and we know they are the most important blessings of all.

If we sound like the team for you, we would be happy to discuss your family, your case, and how we can help you get things moving on the right track.

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