We help people through the difficult processes surrounding divorce.

The McNinch Guarantee:

– You will be heard.
– You will be armed with knowledge about the divorce process and what to expect.
– You will be able to make more informed decisions.
– You will get answers to your questions.

Divorce can be the elephant in the room.

Divorce cases make up a large part of what we do, and everyone at our firm knows from firsthand experience the toll they can take on families.  Even though divorce is a part of our culture, we don’t advocate it, and we don’t like the idea of breaking up relationships.  But we understand that, sometimes, people just need to be divorced, and they need compassionate people to give them advice.  McNinch Law Firm has handled divorces ranging from complicated, high profile, high-asset cases to simple, straightforward Irreconcilable Differences cases where the parties just decided marriage wasn’t for them.

Divorce Center

At McNinch Law Firm, we understand that many people contemplating divorce feel like they don’t have the information they need. If this is you, visit the McNinch Divorce Center where we have a wealth of information that will help you.

Post-Divorce Problems

Even though a Judgment of Divorce is final, problems might and frequently do continue.  Post-judgment actions include requests for modifications, which are actions seeking to change something about the divorce Judgment, and actions for contempt, which seek to have the other party punished for failing to comply with the Judgment.  Both of these post-judgment actions are very common, and they make up a sizeable part of our practice.

The McNinch Law Firm Guarantee

When it comes to matters regarding family law, there are no legal guarantees that can be made. What we CAN guarantee, however, is that we will always work with your best interest in mind, and we don’t stop until we get the job done.

Things Will Get Better

Divorce may cloud your judgment, but it won’t cloud ours. If you are here, you are considering big changes. While things may seem difficult and confusing now, they will get better.

Arm Yourself with Information

We have built this website for you. This is a safe place where you can learn more about divorce and other sensitive family law topics. There really is strength in knowledge.


You are likely thinking, “how do I choose an attorney?” That’s a very important question. If you’d like to see what our clients have to say, be sure to read our testimonials.

Jeremy McNinch isn’t just an attorney

Jeremy is a teacher, literally, a law school professor, in addition to being a successful family law attorney. His ability to communicate and explain the process is one of the many skills that sets Jeremy apart from other attorneys. Jeremy believes in being available to his clients and has integrated that spirit of teaching and commitment into his law practice.

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