Family Law Services

Our experienced and trusted divorce and family law attorneys represent clients’ interests in all areas of family law and divorce issues, including but not limited to the following:


Divorce cases make up a large part of our work.  Jeremy and Ann Regan have handled divorces all over the state, ranging from “friendly”, simple cases to “nasty”, complicated cases.

Unlike some states, Mississippi does not allow true “no-fault” divorce, in which one party can get a divorce for any reason or no reason at all, even if the other spouse does not agree. Instead, Mississippi allows a person to get a divorce only when (1) they have a reason or (2) their spouse agrees to get a divorce.  As you can imagine, or as you might be experiencing, this system can lead to unusual circumstances and problems. For more information, please visit the Divorce Center of our website.


Helping people with adoptions is one of our favorite things to do as legal professionals.  Most family law disputes are ugly, tiresome, and difficult, but most adoptions are positive and truly make a difference in the lives of the clients.  We have handled adoptions stemming from agreements, as well as termination of parental rights, and we know the process.

Settlement Negotiation and Drafting

Settling a family law case out of court is sometimes better than going to trial, at least that’s what we believe.  We love going to court; it’s why we went into litigation instead of real estate closings.  But, in the end, it can be better to work out a family law case instead of allowing a judge to decide it, no matter how good the judge is.  We have excellent judges in our state, but they only get to hear a tiny fraction of what is going on in a case because there simply isn’t enough time to hear every fact about every case.  Our firm writes custom settlement agreements all the time and we know how to negotiate.


Mississippi is blessed with an excellent appellate system, but navigating it can be difficult.  Jeremy served as a law clerk to former Chief Justice James W. Smith, Jr. of the Mississippi Supreme Court, the highest state court in Mississippi.  Jeremy helped Justice Smith research the law and write several important opinions of the court.  His time as a law clerk gave Jeremy valuable, firsthand knowledge of Mississippi’s appellate court system. Ann Regan worked as an extern to Chief Judge Joe Lee of the Mississippi Court of Appeals, so she also has extensive knowledge of Mississippi’s appellate system.

Federal Litigation

Sometimes people make a “federal case” out of a family law dispute:  alienation of affection actions, especially recently, have ended up in federal court due to the defendants’ residence outside Mississippi.  Jeremy has years of experience in federal court and is well-versed in the jurisdictional rules involving out-of-state defendants, particularly in the context of alienation of affection cases.

Antenuptial Agreements

Sometimes, potential spouses and married couples want to fix their financial rights and obligations in advance.  We help negotiate written contracts, called prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, to provide clients with stability and predictability, in the event the worst happens and the marital relationships ultimately dissolve.

Paternity and Filiation

The Mississippi Uniform Law on Paternity contains protections for mothers, fathers, and children.  We work with these statutes frequently to advise clients on their potential liability, as well as their rights to collect from the other party on behalf of their child.

Family Law Consulting

Do you want to get more educated on the Mississippi family law process and the Mississippi court system?  Jeremy has testifed as an expert witness in court regarding MIssissippi’s divorce system. Jeremy is also an adjunct professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, where he has taught Domestic Relations and Current Issues in Family Law; the students at MC Law selected Jeremy Adjunct Professor of the Year for four straight years, a school record. Jeremy is passionate about education.  He is available to speak to individuals and groups to teach them about the legal process in Mississippi’s family courts.


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